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Christmas Lights Outdoor – Christmas Decorations – Christmas – For Indoors And Outdoors – 50 Meters – 1000 LED Lights – Warm White – Christmas Tree

Original price was: €39.99.Current price is: €29.99.

With these Christmas lights for indoors and outdoors, you can easily create an atmospheric whole!

A light cord of 50 meters with no less than 1000 energy-saving LED lights! This lighting is beautiful all year round, but of course especially around Christmas!

The lights and cord are transparent and give off a warm white light. The lights can burn in 8 different positions. From steady on to slow flashing to fast flashing.

The cord and the lights are waterproof thanks to the IP44 waterproof rating.

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Specifications :

  • The light cord is 50 meters long
  • The light cord contains 1000 LED lights
  • The light cord works on mains power
  • The distance between the plug/controller and the first light is about 2 meters

Light settings :

  1. Continuous surf
  2. In waves
  3. Consecutive
  4. Quick Blink/Flash
  5. Blink slowly
  6. Fading slowly
  7. Flashing
  8. Combination

Ideal for houses, but also for shops, restaurants, hotels, cafes, clubs, gyms, etc.

This light cord not only looks beautiful outside on the facade or in a tree, but also outside or inside in front of the window, or in the Christmas tree, or in the garage… The options are endless!