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HaveFun – Shocking Roulette – Lie Detector – Electric Shock – Shot Game – Beer Game – Drinking Game – Party Game – Shot Roulette


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Product description

Often standard drinking games are boring. Or you don’t have enough skills for a good game of beer pong. Let fate decide from now on with this shocking roulette game. Awesome new drinking game / beer game!

With this Shocking Roulette Shot Game you have a drinking game that randomly selects its victims. Fill the shot glass with a drink of your choice and let each player put a finger in the Shocking Roulette Game. The random ‘victim’ receives an electric shock through his finger and has to drink the glass! The selection is completely random and you can set how many players there are. The drinking game / beer game can begin.

Shocking Roulette Game Features:

– Electric drinking game
– Drinking game / Beer game / Shot game
– Includes 1 free shot glass
– Random selection
– Number of players is adjustable
– Enjoy, but drink in moderation.
– Operates on 3 x AAA batteries (not included)

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