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LED Outdoor Solar Ip65 Waterproof Remote Control


The panel and the two hanging lamps are waterproof (IP65).

Can also be used indoors
You can also use the hanging lamps indoors if you place the panel in the right place.

Multifunctional remote control
With the remote control you have the option to set a time for lighting (3, 5 or 8 hours) and of course to switch the lights on or off.

White and bright light
The hanging lamps emit white and bright light.

The hanging lamps work on solar energy and with the remote control you can set the lamps for 3, 5 or 8 hours so that you do not consume energy unnecessarily. You can also choose to turn on one of the lights and turn the other off. Very durable!

Long cables
The cables of both hanging lamps are 3 meters long. This is long enough to install the lamps in a nice spot.

What’s in the box?
1x Solar panel including lithium batteries
1x Adjustment piece
1x Stand of the panel
2x Hanging lamp
2x Cable hanging lamp
1x Remote control
1x Required screws


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Do you also need some lighting in your garden, at the campsite or even in your home? And that without any effect of the storm? The Solar Hanging Lamps are waterproof. Illuminate your surroundings with white and bright light by using sustainable solar energy!

With the Solar Hanging Lamps (LED) you can illuminate your environment (outside and inside) in a sustainable way and you don’t have to worry about having little or no light outside in your area. With this product you will receive 2 hanging lamps, the remote control, a manual, two cables that are connected to the hanging lamps and of course the 180-degree rotatable panel with the adjustment piece to convert solar energy into light. The panel and the hanging lamps are of course fixed to each other and we advise you to install the panel in a high spot. The cables of the hanging lamps have a length of 3 meters. The pendant lights and the panel are waterproof and well protected. After fully charging the panel with solar energy, you can use lighting for 8 to 10 hours. Behind the panel there is also a button to turn it on or off. With the remote control that you receive, you also have the option to illuminate for 3.5 or 8 hours and to switch one or both lamps on or off. A very handy and durable product!